Healthy Ponds Need Oxygen

Simon Moore Water Services are pleased to announce the Official UK and Ireland Distributor for the high quality range of Aerators and Aquaculture products from LINN Gerätebau in Germany.

Building on the outstanding reputation for LINN products and service previously provided by Spirex Aquatec for over 20 years Simon Moore Water Services will look to add to their extensive range to serve the water industry.

The oxygen in the supply water is only rarely sufficient for the fish population. This is especially true of ponds with little natural exchange of water. Here, aeration of the water is essential for the well-being of the fish.

Pollution of the water by phosphates, nitrogen and dead plant material leads to over-enrichment of the water and excessive biological activity. View our LINN range of products below.

Aqua Wheel

The Aqua-Wheel paddle-wheel aerators work by considerably increasing the surface area of the water, giving much improved exchange of gases between the air and water. This is achieved by breaking the water into tiny droplets and flinging them up into the air allowing the droplets to take up oxygen and in turn discharge, to the atmosphere, polluting gases such as carbon dioxide. There is also an added benefit in the increased circulation of the water, which distributes the oxygen-enriched water around the pond or lake.

It is very easy to convert your existing Aqua-Wheel to a brush wheel aerator (except the 0.37kW model with a ‘U’ float). It is simply necessary to remove the paddle wheels, and fit the brush wheels.

Other Aeration Products

Aqua Mini

Aqua Hobby

Aqua Pilz

Aqua Jet

We distinguish between two types of water aerators: Surface aerators eject the water above the water surface, and offer the most effective form of water aeration, resulting in the best oxygen input for the energy (power) consumed. Injector aerators create a strong, directional flow, and work underwater, virtually silently, however, these aerators are not as effective as the surface injectors.

LINN also supply

Oxygen Enrichment
Fish Transport

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