Aqua Plitz

The Aqua-Pilz aerator agitates the whole body of the water by means of large-scale circulation and a wide, mushroomshaped fountain. Harmful gases are expelled as a result of circulating the water. The ripples that are created disturb the surface of the water with the result that there is no heavy formation of algae.

The floating Aqua-Pilz aerators discharge the water upwards, as a fountain does, and in so doing create an attractive water feature. The water is stimulated and circulated with a propeller. The angle of trajectory of the spray and the impact on the water surface enhances the exchange of gases with the atmosphere. The gas filtration and oxygenation is unequalled, resulting in a healthy fish population.

The angle of expulsion has been chosen so that waves move outwards from the aerator, distributing the aerated water throughout the pond. Stagnant, oxygen poor zones are thus avoided.

This flow of water away from the apparatus also ensures that the aerator always draws water low in oxygen from below, circulates it and enriches it with oxygen. A short-circuit flow is avoided by the angle of expulsion. Aqua-Pilz comes in two designs: with a surface motor and with a submersible motor. Both types are almost identical in terms of performance, oxygen enrichment and power consumption.

The submersible-motor design produces a lower and rather broader fountain of water, while the fountain from the surface-based-motor version is rather higher but more narrow. Only the submersible motor version is suitable for use during winter (to reduce the formation of ice for example). Both types of Aqua-Pilz are, of course, designed for continuous operation. The aerators are supplied ready for use and come with cable and motor-protection device. All screen baskets, fittings, motor shafts and screws are made from rust-resistant materials.

The high-performance electric motor in this type of aerator is housed, with its long stainless-steel shaft, in a polyethylene cover on the float above the surface of the water.

From the outside the isolated motor operates silently, and only the murmur of the stimulated water can be heard. A large rust-proof inlet excludes fish and debris from the pump chamber. The screen basket is avail able in a variety of mesh sizes.

We have been producing Aqua-Pilz aerators for more than 30 years. This aerator has proven itself a thousand times over and ensures durability!

Technical Specifications


  • Best possible oxygen-enrichment
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Robust motors
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and readily portable
  • High quality materials