Trade Counter

At Simon Moore Water Services we carry an unrivalled range of items in stock here in Dorchester. These can be bought over the counter or ordered and collected usually the same day. All orders receive our prompt attention and if you prefer we can deliver it the next day.

We Sell

  • Irrigation Equipment
  • PVC pressure pipes and fittings
  • Galvanised, Brass, Stainless steel and Plastic pipe fittings
  • MDPE pipe and fittings
  • Valves
  • Pumps and Spare parts
  • Motors and associated components
  • Control Equipment
  • UV units and associated spares
  • Filters and housings
  • Water quality testing via an accredited laboratory
  • Tank and pond equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Salt and water softeners

This comprehensive range offers a wide and varied selection for our customers, to whom we aim to provide an efficient, reliable and prompt service.


 At Simon Moore Water Services we are able to offer to expert advice and supply pumps and equipment for all irrigation requirements, from more complex projects involving involving housing developments and commercial enterprises to modest garden irrigation systems.

All work is undertaken by our professional experienced team. We offer our services to both the public and private sector with quality and client satisfaction being our long term objective.

Our Products

  • Pop up Sprinklers
  • Drip pipes
  • Misting/jets, sprays
  • Capillary matting

A well maintained garden provides a haven in which to relax and unwind from modern day stresses, as well as being an area to be enjoyed and appreciated by all the family.
A long, dry summer can be disastrous for the whole garden, but especially the lawn and at Simon Moore Water Services we have a wide selection of sprinklers to meet you requirements.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient of all the garden watering systems designed to precisely release water to the roots of plants. The system is designed to to drip water slowly, thus reducing any wastage of this precious liquid.

Pop Up Sprinklers

We have in stock a large selection of pop up sprinklers of the highest quality. We recommend our customers to use such high quality sprinklers, because their design enables them to be as efficient and economical as possible, thus saving money, water and helping the environment.
We are able to offer our expert advice on the planning, installation and maintenance of your irrigation systems.

Sprays / Misting Systems

The misting systems deliver a fine spray of water over a small area which makes them ideal for watering plants in large, flower beds, borders, nurseries and greenhouses.
Although such a system is not as efficient with water the advantage is that they are more economical to install compared to the drip irrigation systems.

Whichever system you should choose be assured that at Simon Moore Water Services we offer a professional, reliable and efficient service.