Water treatment is an essential component of our work. We provide a vital service for people who either choose, or are obliged to access their water from boreholes, wells or springs.
We are on hand to test specified filtration equipment, including its installation and maintenance; thereby ensuring it complies with the Private Water Supply Act 2009.

We carry out risk assessments for clients every five years and annual inspections to ascertain that the water is of the highest quality and safe to drink.

Water obtained from a borehole can be far more economical than a mains supply. We are here to help and provide guidance for any client wishing to consider sourcing their water from a borehole or other natural supply.

Many of our clients are farmers, who use water from rivers and streams for agricultural purposes. We have been designing and installing simple, low maintenance extraction systems for many years and would welcome the opportunity to investigate alternative sources of water on your farm.

We are able to provide an immediate response to a breakdown of a water supply. A high priority is given to our dairy farms and other business which rely on a continuous water supply.

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